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Re: P01privileged fails on CentOS/Fedora (a simple permission issue)

> 2020/03/13 23:19, dana <dana@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm less worried about the name of the directory than about its location,
> which i'm not sure is in the test file's purview.

I've been mostly worried about using a hard-coded name 'Modules' in three
different files: Test/Makefile.in, ztst.zsh and P01privileged.ztst.

> If it's alright for it to
> make the assumption that the module directory is under $ZTST_dir

Yes, unless someone modifies ztst.zsh (lines 38 and 60).

> Though — and i'm absolutely rationalising after the fact now — using the UID
> of the test directory will also take care of the case where the repo itself
> has been cloned with umask 027 or 077 (unless it's owned by root...).

If we need to take account of a possibility that the 'Test' directory itself is
not world readable/searchable, then, yes, we need to use the UID of its owner.

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