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Re: [BUG] With --disable-dynamic-nss, not all functions calls are protected

Hi Jun,

On Thu, Sep 16, 2021 at 04:37:31PM +0900, Jun T wrote:
> > Based on the strace, my guess would be that getrlimit() is what's
> > attempting to link to the dynamic library.  This is based on the
> > success of the uname() call and on what does NOT appear in the
> > subsequent trace output.
> Probably getrlimit() is implemented by prlimit64() that appears
> in the strace log, I guess.
> Modules/tcp.c uses
> gethostbyname2(), gethostbyadr(), getservbyname()
> that are NSS-functions?
> How about disabling the tcp module by setting
> link=no
> in config.modules, for the module name=zsh/net/tcp?

Doesn't seem to suffice as my test builds for that already have

  name=zsh/net/tcp modfile=Src/Modules/tcp.mdd link=no auto=yes load=no functions=Functions/TCP/*

in config.modules.

		Kind regards, Axel
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