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Re: Terminal problem with linux-2.0.34

On Feb 14, 11:48pm, Ville Herva wrote:
} Subject: Re: Terminal problem with linux-2.0.34
} If I use xterm or rxvt, I do so using the ssh's X forwarding capability
} I have also logged in with ssh from a xterm running on the client side.
} Using any of these method, the problem appear similarly.
} > If you start several login sessions at a time, does it affect all of them?
} Yes.

Well, that rules out all the common system-level tty-setup problems I'm
aware of.

} > } > What happens if you "unsetopt zle" or run zsh as "zsh +Z"?
} > } 
} > } Everything works as expected, the problem does not appear.
} > 
} > OK, then it's most likely an stty problem of some kind.  What happens if
} > you first start "zsh +Z" and then do "setopt zle"?
} The problem appears as before.

The only thing I can think of to suggest at this point is that you run
"strace -v zsh +Z" and then examine what's output immediately following
a "setopt zle" command.  I get, among other irrelevant things,

ioctl(10, SNDCTL_TMR_STOP, {c_iflags=0x540, c_oflags=0x5, c_cflags=0xbf,
c_lflags=0x8a31, c_line=0, c_cc[VMIN]=1, c_cc[VTIME]=0,
 = 0

} > Incidentally, are any other users having the same problem with zsh?
} That's what I would like to know, too...

I meant other users of that same machine, though anyone anywhere that is
also having the problem would be good to hear from.

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