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Re: problem building zsh in background

Jens Petersen <petersen@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> >>>>> "PT" == Philippe Troin <phil@xxxxxxxx> writes:
>     PT> Okay, here's the patch that implements
>     PT> --with-tcsetpgrp. Following Bart Schaefer
>     PT> <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>'s advice, I've changed
>     PT> the configure switch to --with-tcsetpgrp.
>     PT> Please test.
> Sorry, I didn't get round to testing this patch yet, 

Then please test :-)

> but I'm still curious what platform this test is needed for: ie on
> which platforms is tcsetpgrp broken?  

>From the comments I've seen, BeOS has tcsetpgrp() but it does not

> If for example it has always worked correctly with glibc and most
> other platforms 

It will always work on a real and recent enough unix variant. BeOS is
POSIX-like enough, but does not support all the aspects of job control

> then it would be nice if it could just be skipped for those systems,
> or rather just run on the affected platforms: 

This is against the autoconf philosophy of testing things rather than
assuming them for a given platform.

> that would simplify things for the builder IMHO and remove the need
> for another (somewhat cryptic) configure option.

You're the one who wanted this option for your build system. I've
accomodated you ;-) For me, failing when not running on a terminal
(which is a corner case for 99.99% (made out figure) of zsh's users)
is perfectly acceptable option.


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