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Re: Vim syntax file for zsh

I've been trying this out, and I have a few comments:

First, a bug:  The zshVariable rule (after the "How safe is this?"
comment) is misfiring on any [ that follows word characters.  For
instance, add "echo hi[" early in a zsh script, and the entire script
should become the Identifier color.  I don't know enough vim-syntax to
fix this, so I just added XXXXX to the beginning of the "start" spec
on that line, and the problem went away for now.

I noticed that | and > are colored in the Operator color, but ; and &
are not.  I'd prefer to see them all colored as operators.

I like the sh/bash string idiom where the quotes are colored as operator
characters instead of as string characters (since they delimit the
string).  I simply changed the 3 uses of matchgroup=zshString into
matchgroup=Operator, and it now works the way I want it to.

I don't like the highlighting of command-line options in the same color
as a variable.  I just removed all the zshSwitches stuff, making them
the default text color.

That's just my $.02.  Thanks for working on this!


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