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Re: surprise with echo

On Dec 19,  7:49pm, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Why did [Paul] decide on a new shell vs. working on/with bash?

I never really asked.

It may have been that he had to write a simple shell anyway for a
class project.  I wrote one once.  It's a good way to demonstrate
that you understand the concepts of unix process control, signaling,
and file descriptor I/O.

However, bash was always going to be the bourne shell at heart, and
zsh was meant to combine the best features of csh and sh in a way
that would be easily understood by someone who learned csh first.

Bash would never have adopted the default array behavior of zsh,
among other things.

} Does he keep in touch?

We're friends on Facebook.  His hobbies now include writing iPhone apps,
and geocaching.  He hasn't looked at any of the zsh lists in years as
far as I know.

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