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Re: Making file-patterns and tag-order work

also sprach Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2017-03-25 00:15 +0100]:
> You obviously have some zstyles you haven't told us about, such as a
> "format" style.

Oh yes, there's plenty of stuff in place, of course. However, I have
already "bisected" my configuration to create a test case where
I can be reasonably sure that things like "format" actually don't
affect the outcome. However, you're right, I could have overlooked
something, so next time…

… this time, however, I think we managed to get one step further,
thanks to your analysis. If I do just the change regarding
vim-swap-files in my setup, then vim-swap-files *also* moves to the
top, independently of the tag-order defined, so it seems that we're
in sync up to this point, and the real question is:

> So it sure looks to me as if group-order is working, with the exception of
> the "files" tag -- but that's because _ls passes *:files:_files explicitly
> to _arguments, I think.

I am using _cat, but same thing I guess.
suggests you're right (of course).

Okay, but what does this mean? How can this be addressed? Should
this be addressed? It's not too unreasonable to want to order
"files" freely, right?

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