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Re: spaces in filenames should be a crime.

On 29/03/17 04:27 AM, Stephane Chazelas wrote:
print -r -- **/*(D.om[1])

Thanks. Sorta like buying a boat that, out of the factory, has 15 holes by design. Slowly you find out where they all are and plug them and then she's seaworthy. Dunno, ships have sea cocks, but they're closed by default; the culture with shells is that they are all open by default. I wonder what software would look like if things were robust by default and then you subtracted functionality that you didn't want, so " **/* " would mean every damn thing even on Tuesday and then you'd add options to filter stuff out rather than adding it in. Maybe impossible. When I go shopping my cart doesn't start out with everything in the store in it and I take out what I don't want. Yet I'm glad that boats don't sink by default. What would the masters of the Tao say?

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