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Re: Slightly changed copyright, new test release

> Richard Coleman wrote:
> > Personally, I think Richard Stallman is just being overly paranoid
> > about this.  I think the current copyright is fine.
> Does this means that you oppose the change?  I also think that RMS is
> paranoid but I think it does not hurt anyone if we make the copyright text
> more clear.  If we ever want to integrate FSF copyrighted code to zsh we
> have better chances with this change.  The origin of this change was the
> color-ls patch.  Someone asked RMS for permission to include it into zsh.
> RMS mailed me then that he finds zsh copyright too restrictive because it
> does not allow distribution of modified versions (that was his
> imterpretation).

No, the new copyright doesn't bother me.  I would agree to using it on
the parts I have copyrighted.  But I still don't know if that allows us
to add code that is under the GPL.  I thought that would require the
rest of the code to be under GPL (which I'm generally against).  I like
the fact that the source code of zsh is available.  But if someone
wants to distribute zsh binaries without source code, that is fine with
me.  I hate forcing someone to distribute source code by using the GPL.

Of course, this is just my opinion.


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