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Re: release management

In the last episode (Nov 05), Clint Adams said:
> > > *default host=crane.jaist.ac.jp
> > > *default base=.
> > > *default release=cvs
> > > *default delete use-rel-suffix
> > > zsh
> > 
> > It works for me too.  Brilliant!  I'm now setting up a mirror. 
> > I'll announce here when it's ready.
> Well, in the absence of better coordination, I'm mirroring this
> nightly at :pserver:zsh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:/cvs/zsh, password 'zsh'.
> read-only, of course.
> I was hoping that we could have arranged something more "push"
> oriented.

You can sort-of do this by having the "CVSROOT/loginfo" action send an
email to everyone running CVS mirrors (possibly using a list alias) on
commits.  Each mirror site would have a procmail script that triggers
off the subject and runs "cvsup -s zsh-supfile".  That line takes about
15 seconds to run assuming no changes have been made, so it shouldn't
tax the network.

Alternatively, you can simply cvsup hourly, or at whatever intervals
you wish.

	Dan Nelson

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