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Re: release management

Dan Nelson (dnelson@xxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> You can sort-of do this by having the "CVSROOT/loginfo" action send an
> email to everyone running CVS mirrors (possibly using a list alias) on
> commits.  Each mirror site would have a procmail script that triggers
> off the subject and runs "cvsup -s zsh-supfile".  That line takes about
> 15 seconds to run assuming no changes have been made, so it shouldn't
> tax the network.

Yep, something like this would be nice.  There's a slight problem in
that commits tend in practice (I find) to be done in bursts, so you
might be sending more than one `do a cvsup -s now' instruction to the
mirrors within a small time span.  However I get the impress that
cvsup is so efficient this would be no great disaster anyway.

P.S. Tanaka, if you decide to do this loginfo trick, could you include
zsh-mirror@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on the list of e-mail addresses to

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