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Re: zsh's answer to the bash completion fm project

John Buttery <john@xxxxxx> writes:


>   That's the way I figured it: put the compctl recipes in there when
> there isn't a zstyle equivalent (meaning, nobody's bothered to convert
> it yet).  These are the questions I'd like to ask the group to give me
> the basis for getting started:

I think you misunderstand: compctl is obsoleted by the new completion
system, and the new completion system is one file per command
(roughly, anyway), so it's naturally easy for people to submit
completions for new commands---they just provide a new file.  

zstyle offers a way of individual users configuring the completion
system---for example, whether (on <TAB> when there's a choice) it
offers a list of completion options, or cycles through the

In zsh 4.0.4, there are already completions for if= and of= on dd,
BTW.  Look at the file
/usr/share/zsh/4.0.4/functions/Completion/Unix/_dd, suitably altered
if you installed somewhere else---this is using Debian unstable's


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