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Re: bindkey -v and alt-. for previous cmd arg

* Matthias B. (msbREMOVE-THIS@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> man xterm
> Never file bug reports without having read the manpage. 
Thanks Matthias,

I skimmed through the manpage.

The debian bug reporting system isn't entirely the same as bug reporting
upstream. It refers mostly to the particular way the debian package is
prepared. There are 8 levels of `bug' ranging from critical bugs (which may
relate to the upstream development) through to `wishlist' bugs. 

I filed this one at the appropriate level - that referring to the usability
of the package.

Not everyone wants to be, or has time to be, an X or xterm or zsh developer.
We use these packages gratefully and in good faith. If your work output is
suddenly put in jeopardy and needs 10 - 30 hours research to find a solution
then the same is probably true for many others. The least you can do is file
a report.

The debian bugs can occur in as a result of injudicious selection of options
in the compiling. I don't wish to bring the distribution any negative
publicity by this, but among the 100's of packages being updated daily,
occasionally a severe mistake gets through (probably 0.01% or less of the

The worst I've seen is the time when an upgrade to postgresql managed to
wipe out the all the databases of anyone who had the misfortune to upgrade.
The bug only lasted a day for two fortunately.

I mention all this in the context of having for some time compiled my own
xterms in the days before utf-8 support was standard for debian. On the
other hand, I use the unstable debian distribution so I have to be prepared
to experience some inconvenience from time to time.


That said, thanks for the pointer to the 8-bit option. I do appreciate your 

Nick Croft

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