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Re: About menu selection (again)

On Aug 18,  6:29pm, DervishD wrote:
} I mean: complist needs some form of completion to get menu selection to
} work, so if 'compctl' is not loaded, which other can I load?.

You can run `compinit' to load the "new" shell-function-based completion
system.  (We need to come up with a name for that; I suppose we can just
call it "compsys" as that's the name of the manual section.)

Currently the question "is a completion system loaded?" is tested as "is
the zsh/complete module loaded?"  The assumption being that no one would
load zsh/complete unless they were going to make use of it.  zsh/compctl
gets loaded iff zsh/complete has not been.

The problem is that zsh/complist has a dependency on zsh/complete -- which
is a C-code dependency rather than a functional dependency, so it can't be
dropped -- and that confuses the test by loading the module without any
"form of completion" included.

One possibility might be to split the zsh/complete module still further,
to separate the part that implements the internals of compsys from the
part that complist depends on.  (Maybe move that latter into compcore.c?)

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