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Re: (Revisited): zsh + less == hard hang of tty.

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On Tuesday 26 September 2006 21:50, Peter Stephenson wrote:
> "Larry P. Schrof" wrote:
> > - When I get a Linux tty to hang by doing this, log in on another tty,
> >   and kill the *less* process, it terminates, and any I/O that was in
> >   the buffer (from my extra keystrokes while less was hung) get
> >   interpreted by the shell. zsh becomes responsive again.
> Sounds from this you may need to run strace on the less inside
> the zsh -c (or just do it interactively), since zsh appears to be
> just blithely waiting.  We'll probably find less is trying to
> grab the terminal and failing, or something like that... quite
> what we do if that's the case, I'm not sure.

I have been running the same versions for quite some time without any problem 
(nor do I now have problem with zsh CVS).  One thing to check is what 
LESSPIPE (or other LESSxxxx) environments set to and try with all of them 
unset first.

The only other thing that comes in mind is some weird interaction with job 
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