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Re: PATCH: highlight pasted text

On Jul 21,  5:23pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Subject: Re: PATCH: highlight pasted text
} Bart wrote:
} > It'd make more sense to (for example) always show the PS2 prompt after
} > a paste that contains a newline, because that can both describe the
} > context and indicate that the shell is waiting for more input.
} One disadvantage is that it wouldn't be compatible with the new feature
} of highlighting pasted text; at least not having the highlighting
} removed on the next action.
} Another disadvantage is that PS2 in general is irritating for the
} fact that it restarts zle and push-line-or-edit tricks are needed on
} up-cursor to allow editing the prebuffer.

I didn't say "restart zle at the PS2 prompt" ... I just said to display
it.  It could be handled like RPS2 and immediately removed as soon as
more keystrokes are received, at the time that the highlighting goes.

} What would you use for the parser status that you get with %^ or %_?
} The pasted text might leave an open parser status or might not.

Hm.  Well, until there actually is an accept-line, the parser status
hasn't changed from when the paste began.  Perhaps just append a "+"
or a "?" to the current value of %_ to indicate that the parser has
yet to determine its state?

} As an aside, I recommend an empty $PS2 and transient_rprompt for RPS2
} so the PS2 prompt doesn't get in the way of attempts to copy multi-line
} commands with the mouse.

Yeah, this is a good idea.  I think I'll add

    RPS2="<${PS2%> }"
    setopt transient_rprompt

or something akin to it, to prompt_bart_setup in the distribution.

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