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Re: bracketed paste - chopping trailing newlines

Bart wrote:
> OK, so who is a normal user who doesn't follow this list?  A zsh user from
> past versions who expects the paste to run magic-space and accept-line?
> That clearly isn't what you mean, but I'd like to de-confuse them too.

Not getting magic-space in the middle of a paste is fairly apparent. The
same for intervening accept-lines because the prompt is not reprinted
for each line. So in these cases a user expecting old behaviour would
see that there has been a change and hopefully be pleasantly surprised
rather than confused. A trailing newline is not so apparent. It seems
like I'm just repeating myself on the rationale for the blank stripping;
wasn't the case made adequately back in 35794?

I'm all in favour of alternatives to the blank removal that address the
original issue. Simply waiting until user expectations have adapted and
is one alternative. Blank removal in accept-line is a quite separate

Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> 3. Avoid saving trailing newlines into history.

I'm no more keen on accept-line altering text before it goes into
history than on bracketed-paste altering pasted text.


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