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Re: bracketed paste - chopping trailing newlines

On Sep 8, 12:39pm, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} Not getting magic-space in the middle of a paste is fairly apparent. The
} same for intervening accept-lines because the prompt is not reprinted
} for each line. So in these cases a user expecting old behaviour would
} see that there has been a change and hopefully be pleasantly surprised
} rather than confused.

Unfortunately this also means that failure of url-quote-magic is also
fairly apparent and is both an unpleasant surprise AND confusing, but
we're already past that.

} A trailing newline is not so apparent.  It seems
} like I'm just repeating myself on the rationale for the blank stripping;
} wasn't the case made adequately back in 35794?

I don't see rationale in that specific message and I re-read a few of the
follow-ups without ever finding it explained all in one place, so maybe
that is the problem.  Or in Carsten's case, it was adequately explained
but he simply disagrees.

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