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Re: Official plugin manager?

On Fri, 3 Jan 2020 at 12:15, Oliver Kiddle <okiddle@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> As for an official plugin manager, I think the idea has merits. I
> brought the idea up in users/22179 but there was little enthusiasm
> then.

Back then (it was 2016) the number of available plugins wasn't that of
today – now there are 492 plugins compared to 125 plugins in that year
(the # of themes went from 86 to 498) – according to the
awesome-zsh-plugins listing. And the quality of the plugins was very
low, I know that well because I've examined ~50 plugins from the list
to know for sure that the reporting in Zplugin will work. I cannot
tell how it's today with the quality, however, in general, it did
improve at least in the sense of having quite a few well-written ones,
like e.g.: themes (gitprompt, powerlevel10k, agkozak, zinc, etc.).

> And I had different problems in mind than those outlined by
> Sebastian: for all its popularity and multitudes of "contributors",
> OMZ has a quality problem. Contributions are largely forgotten once
> accepted because ownership is transferred. They don't make good use of
> autoloading, possibly run compinit more than once with changed $fpath
> and don't seem to encourage the use of things like add-zsh-hook.

They also return the values from functions not through REPLY/reply but
via echo, like here:


> The plugin standard and documentation of it determines those things.

I hope that the standard will be made some use if the bundled p-m
project would be to start.
Sebastian Gniazdowski
News: https://twitter.com/ZdharmaI
IRC: https://kiwiirc.com/client/chat.freenode.net:+6697/#zplugin
Blog: http://zdharma.org

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