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Re: Official plugin manager?

Bart wrote:
> > If keys such as arrows, home, end and delete just worked, this would be perfect!
> I tried to solve this a long time ago with Functions/Misc/zkbd, which
> allows one to interactively create a terminal profile.  The problem is
> with knowing how to save/select the correct profile once it has been

My own approach generally consists of binding all the common sequences
without regard for whether they are right for the exact terminal in use.
Zsh's C code is binding both raw and application mode sequences for the
cursor keys which is similar.

Clashes are fairly rare and where I have come across them, it has only
been for terminals that set $TERM to something unique. To matter, the
clash has to be between two keys we want to bind which is rare. Del
producing ^? (which other terminals have for Backspace) is one case.

In my view, we should add bindings as best we can in the C code. It may
not be perfect but will work for the vast majority of users and likely
be harmless for the rest.


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