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Re: code completition / cannot delete characters

On Mar 10,  4:52pm, Michael Worobcuk wrote:
} [hanno: /home/hanno]> bindkey | egrep redisplay\|clear-screen
} "^L" clear-screen
} "^R" redisplay
} [hanno: /home/hanno]>^L
} zsh: substitution failed
} Seems, he does not like me.

What happens if you start with "zsh -f" so that we're not dealing with
any possible oddities from /etc/z* or ~/.z* files?

[hanno: /home/hanno]> zsh -f
yourhost% bindkey -v
yourhost% autoload -U compinit
yourhost% compinit -D
yourhost% cd /us<TAB>

(Your local machine name should appear instead of "yourhost" above,
and <TAB> means press the tab key.)

Does anything not shown there happen at any step along the way?  Is
the completion still garbled?

} > - the output of:
} > env | egrep '^(TERM|VISUAL|EDITOR|PS1)$' | sed 's/[[:cntrl]]/?/g'

There should be one more colon in there, it's  [[:cntrl:]]  but that
still might not work if you don't have a very modern sed.  Also the
"$" at the end of the pattern is a typo, too, that grep won't match
anything.  A more useful approach might be

    env | egrep '^(TERM|VISUAL|EDITOR|PS1)' | cat -v

} I cannot delete the "cd /us"
} Strange hmm?

I'm beginning to think we're entirely on the wrong track here and this
is just a problem with invisible characters in your prompt string.
Thus suggesting that you start from "zsh -f" (which is always a good
technique, to make sure that the problem isn't something that you have
misconfigured locally).


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