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Re: code completition / cannot delete characters

Michael Worobcuk wrote:

Am 10.03.2007 um 01:12 schrieb Micah Cowan:

I would like to see:

- the output of:
env | egrep '^(TERM|VISUAL|EDITOR|PS1)$' | sed 's/[[:cntrl]]/?/g'

[hanno: /home/hanno]>env | egrep '^(TERM|VISUAL|EDITOR|PS1)$' | sed 's/[[:cntrl]]/?/g'
sed: 1: "s/[[:cntrl]]/?/g": unbalanced brackets ([])

Whoops! How about plugging 's/[[:cntrl:]]/?g' into that instead?
: env | egrep '^(TERM|VISUAL|EDITOR|PS1)$' | sed 's/[[:cntrl:]]/?/g'

- ESPECIALLY: do you have a program called "script"? If so, run it, reproduce the completion problem in the shell it spawns, and then exit that shell. It will produce a file named "typescript"; either make that available somewhere and link to it in your reply, or else send it to me directly (I'm not sure the list will appreciate such a file being sent out), and I'll post a link to it for anyone else who's interested.

Yes, I have that program. But I am afraid it will not help solving my problem, since you would only see the result of the problem.
Anyway, it is very short so I am posting it:

[hanno: /home/hanno]>cat typescript
Script started on Sat Mar 10 16:35:25 2007
[hanno: /home/hanno]>cd /us
[hanno: /home/hanno]>exit

It is probably longer than you believe. typescript will also contain the normally invisible escape sequences that zsh sends to your terminal to tell it to erase the first cd /usr/src (which you won't see if you cat it.

Just make sure to run script, do the whole tab thing so that it won't erase the first "cd /usr/src", and then provide the literal version of that script. :)

Hm... you don't have infocmp. Do you have an /etc/termcap? If so, could you provide it (it's probably too large to put on list)?


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