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Re: zsh function breaks after error

On 2022-02-11 06:58, Thomas Lauer wrote:

But I agree that the density of the documentation can be a problem,
especially for people who are no developers and are perhaps not used to
dense docs :-)
You can say that  again.  It gets easier with exposure of course, but even now I'd
say that zsh/unix/linux docs -- especially the old 'man pages' are often
spectacularly badly written.  'Dense' might be a charitable way of putting it.
I'm a Windows refugee as well but over there I've used a command
processor called Take Command (the former 4NT)
4DOS and Take Command ruined me.  I got to just taking for granted that level of
polished perfection and when I moved over here,  the culture shock
nearly killed me.
but with judicious use
of Google, Stackexchange, Reddit etc etc and a lot of trial and error

Yeah, resources are out there if you just beat the bushes long enough.  Like Daniel's link above.  But how about if it were all collated and condensed and brought in-house?

This would certainly help but many things zsh are interconnected in a
way that means that you have to understand something in order to
understand something else... but to understand the first thing you have
to understand the second

Heck yes, which is why layering is a good idea.  The newbie's
'introduction to zsh config' won't even attempt to tell you everything,
it will merely get you to 90% of what might be your eventual, expert
configuration, but hold you by the hand and get you there painlessly.
90% of what you want in 10% of the time it would otherwise have taken.
Advanced wizards can devote years of study to mastering the remaining

A sample line might have this sort of feel:

HISTSIZE=SAVEHIST=20000  #Trust us, you want a big history recall
buffer.  If your machine is pathetically short of resources make it

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