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Re: zsh function breaks after error

On 2022-02-11 15:31, Bart Schaefer wrote:

Consensus is hard.  For example, I personally I think tens of
thousands of lines of history is unnecessary no matter how much RAM
you have to throw at  it.
I picked that line almost at random.  Thinking about it, mine probably is too big. Point is that some reasonable amount of history is something that almost everyone

The other question that constantly arises is whether the goal is to
make the shell more helpful out of the box for relatively
knowledgeable users, or to make it more attractive to newbies.
That's why you have several offerings, from basic to ... well, the 'advanced'
configs could almost become rococo fun-fests, just showing off for the fun
of it.  Don't hafta get anything perfect, just close.

I still vividly remember the very first time I got Linux installed and booted. There I am at a stone age prompt and I had some instructions printed off (from Windows)
as to what to do next.  Well, it was bash of course, but NO history, NO
backspace key, NO prompt (to speak of) ... other missing stuff, can't remember ... anyway it was so
bloody primitive that DOS looked elegant by comparison.  Eventually I got
an editor working and I think it was 'joe' or something, that made edlin look
sophisticated.  I almost quit.  Initiation hazing or something? But, after
jumping to zsh, I remember when I started thinking about prompts -- I can't remember where
but there were samples named 'Oliver's prompt' and 'Bart's prompt' and so on
and you picked one and tried it.  Marvelous.  Tune to perfection later, in the
mean time it's very good at least.  Suffering is not good for the soul.

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