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Re: Floating point modulus

On Jan 11, 11:25am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Expectation you say.  Wouldn't it be polite for the docs to at least
} mention that?

The documentation has long been a sore spot, because it was originally
written to only cover things that were different about zsh (from other
shells) because it was expected to be the second shell adopted by an
experienced user.  There are a huge number of nooks and crannies to
fill to make it comprehensively about everything zsh in a vacuum, and
no dedicated documentation project/author.

} Perhaps it's presumptuous of me to discuss this, but could a 
} time not come when zsh is no longer chained to past practice?  When 
} decisions are based on merit, not on what ksh '79 did?

Assuming I agree (which I don't) with your implication that decisions are
not already based on merit:  so far you haven't convinced me that this
would result in anything other than a lot of arguments about "merit."

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