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Re: zsh function breaks after error

On 2022-02-12 08:45, Thomas Lauer wrote:

Interesting. Take Command *was* (or is) powerful but IMO it's no match
for zsh.
Indeed not.  Zsh is 'bigger' and more powerful in every way, but also less consistent. To some degree this is inevitable and quite forgivable.  Projects that grow by accretion
must encounter this sort of thing and solutions are far from simple.

I am with Bart on this one. Many so-called "defaults" in all sorts of
software, including zsh, are far removed from what I find reasonable (or
at least work-flow enhancing). The whole point of "optionising" features
is to give people choice. But with that comes of course a learning curve
and some responsibility for the choices one makes.
Sure, so my notion of several different default configurations gives you several possible starting points, and then invites you and helps you to start customizing. The difference is that instead of starting from 'zero',  you're starting from one of a suite of configurations that are considered reasonable by real users.  And of course the 'zero option' would be there
as well so all of the above can be ignored as desired.

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