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Re: Phil's prompt is not working when LANG is set to UTF-8

Wael Nasreddine wrote:
> Maybe this problem I am having is actually related to another, very
> irritating, problem and like the problem previously mentioned I don't
> understand why it's happening... The below screenshot[1] is when I run
> my Gnome session from GDM it doesn't happen when I ran it from usual
> startx command, I really don't get it, what would be different when I
> start my Gnome session from GDM or from startx ??
> Take a look at this screenshot[1], it speaks for itself...

Presumably you mean one of the non-ASCII characters is showing up
correctly in one window but different ways in other windows.

Assuming they really are the same character, which you can check e.g. by
looking at the characters in your prompts:

print -P $PS1 | xxd

then there's no obvious sign here this is due to the shell, since everything
appears to be lined up correctly.  You probably need to check the
settings for the terminals in the different windows, in particular that
they're using the same character sets.  Different emulators handle this
differently: in xterm, you need to tell it the enconding as part of the
font, while gnome-terminal and others with menu-driven configuration
will try to combine the locale with the typeface you select.

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