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Re: modify functions hierarchy (was: Install run-help and *.zwc files system wide in build system)

Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Any files like _run_help and run-help that need to be generated
> from a .in file should be processed by "make install" (install.fns rule)
> directly into the $(sitefndir) target, and should never appear in the
> Zsh build tree.

This somehow goes against the concept of "make install" which should
only copy (and at most strip) already generated files: Note that it
can happen that "make install" is run with different privileges than
"make all" and thus should execute as few code as possible.

The really "clean" solution would be to copy the whole functions
hierarchy in the "make all" phase, doing the patches as required.
However, as already mentioned, this would require a rather fundamental
change in the whole build system.

> Taking that as step further, I'm beginning to think the helpfiles should
> also be generated by "make install" rather than being written to a tree
> underneath Doc/.

Running perl, man and friends in the install phase is even worse.
Moreover, I thought the idea is that the generated help-files should
be included in the tarball (like the man-pages). In this case,
the Doc/ directory (in which also the generated man-pages reside)
is certainly the correct location.

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