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Re: code completition / cannot delete characters

On Mar 10,  8:19pm, Michael Worobcuk wrote:
} > What happens if you start with "zsh -f" so that we're not dealing with
} > any possible oddities from /etc/z* or ~/.z* files?
} >
} > [hanno: /home/hanno]> zsh -f
} > yourhost% bindkey -v
} > yourhost% autoload -U compinit
} > yourhost% compinit -D
} > yourhost% cd /us<TAB>
} >
} > (Your local machine name should appear instead of "yourhost" above,
} > and <TAB> means press the tab key.)
} >
} > Does anything not shown there happen at any step along the way?
} No, it is all like above:
} [hanno: /home/hanno]>zsh -f
} [hanno: /home/hanno]>bindkey -v

No, it's not all like the above.  Why does your customized prompt still
appear after you've run "zsh -f"?  You should get an extremely simple
prompt with nothing but a host name and a percent sign.  If you get
anything else, you have not succeeded in starting zsh in its default

NEVER NEVER "export PS1".  Worst idea in the history of whoever created
skeleton bashrc files.  I have often wished zsh would ignore PROMPT, PS1,
RPROMPT, RPS1, PS2, etc. from the environment when starting up ...

Note to myself:  Forget "zsh -f", the way to go when reproducing bugs is

    env -i zsh -f

Anyway, as Micah and Frank have already said, the problem is that you are
missing one %{ in your PS1 setting.

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