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Re: Helpfiles again (was Re: modify functions hierarchy (was: etc.))

The following two files under Completion/ contain non-UTF-8 character:

(1) Completion/Unix/Command/_systemd: line 3, name of the author.
The character is an 'e' with accent (in latin1 encoding, i.e., ISO8859-1).

(2) Completion/BSD/Command/_portaudit: line 9, just before the '\' at
the end of line. The char is 0xA0 (non-breaking space in latin1 encoding?).

These characters cause the sed command (line 52 of Config/installfns.sh)
to die on Mac OS X if I run 'make install.fns' under UTF-8 locale.

# it seems sed on Mac OS X accepts only valid UTF-8 chars if run under
# UTF-8 locale

I believe the 0xA0 in (2) should be replaced with a simple space 0x20.

For (1), a possible workaround is to add
    export LC_CTYPE=C
at the beginning of Config/installfns.sh.

It seems the C locale just works fine on Mac (and does no harm on Linux).

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